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Spellwoven Monster

Spellwoven Monster {7}{U}{U}

Creature - Leviathan
Spellwoven Monster can't be the target of spells or abilities in any zone.
As you cast an instant or sorcery spell, reveal cards from the bottom of your library until you reveal an instant or sorcery card. You may add that card's effects to that spell. Then shuffle.
  • Oirohpo
Tapestry of United Onora

Tapestry of United Onora {9}

Legendary Artifact
Each creature you control has every creature type among other creatures you control in addition to their own.
Creatures you control get +1/+1 for each of their creature types.
It tells a tale of two brothers, whose reunion restored a realm.
  • Adventurers of Onora
Temporal Aria

Temporal Aria {6}{U}{U}{U}

Harness (You may tap a creature you control as you cast this spell. If you do, reduce this spell's mana cost by that creature's power.)
Take an extra turn after this one. Exile Temporal Aria.
“Time itself is just a toy for these monsters.”
—Lucien, the duelist
  • Monsters of Chikyu
The Progenitor Spirit

The Progenitor Spirit {9}

Legendary Enchantment
Spells you cast from your graveyard cost {6} less to cast.
Whenever you attack, you may cast any number of target cards from your graveyard this turn. If a spell or permanent that was cast this way would be put into a graveyard, exile it instead.
  • Road to Carü Mapu
Trifold Chaos

Trifold Chaos {6}{G}{U}{R}

Creature - Elemental
Erratic, erratic, erratic (When this creature dies, reveal the top four cards of your library. Put a creature card that costs less than this revealed this way onto the battlefield and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order. Repeat this process twice.)
  • Mious
Turi's Masterstroke

Turi's Masterstroke {7}{G}{G}

Pressure {5}{G}{G} (You may cast this spell for its pressure cost if seven or more cards are in your graveyard.)
Search your library for three creature cards and reveal them. Put one onto the battlefield, one into your hand, the rest into your graveyard, then shuffle.
“Kiora may have the powers of a god, but on this plane, I am so much more.”
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Zarad, the Final Adversary

Zarad, the Final Adversary {7}{W}{B}

Legendary Creature - Human Horror
This spell costs {1} less to cast for each creature that died this turn.
At the beginning of your upkeep, put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.
{1}, Sacrifice another creature: Zarad, the Final Adversary gains indestructible until end of turn.
Adamantine Servitor

Adamantine Servitor {8}

Artifact Creature - Construct
Legendary permanents you control have indestructible.
The Adamant Legion guards Vraniveer's throne hall, awaiting their promised sovereign. Only a few have succeeded in obtaining one for their personal protection.
  • Seasons of War

Apex {3}{W}{U}{B}{R}{G}

Sorcery - Tale
Draw three cards. You gain 3 life. Apex deals 3 damage to any target.
Card has other part: Wise Farseer Chini
  • Kahembo: Olde Dawn
Arbiter of Silence

Arbiter of Silence {6}{W}{W}

Creature - Angel
When Arbiter of Silence enters the battlefield, exile all other creatures until Arbiter of Silence leaves the battlefield. (They return to the battlefield under their owners' control.)
Aunor, Dragonsire

Aunor, Dragonsire {2}{G}{G}{U}{U}{R}{R}

Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon
This spell can't be countered.
When Aunor, Dragonsire or another Dragon enters the battlefield under your control, untap target land. That land becomes a 5/5 Dragon creature with flying and haste in addition to its other types.
  • MSEM Masters: Legends
Avatar of Innovations

Avatar of Innovations {8}

Creature - Avatar
This spell costs {1} less to cast for each artifact and/or enchantment you control.
When Avatar of Innovations enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact or enchantment card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Over the Horizon
Azamir, Wayward Titan

Azamir, Wayward Titan {8}

Legendary Planeswalker - Azamir
You may play cards exiled with Azamir planeswalkers.
[+2]: Search each player's library for a card and exile it. Shuffle each library searched this way.
[–3]: Each opponent chooses a permanent they control for each permanent type, then exiles those permanents.
[–8]: Exile all cards your opponents own from outside the game. Until end of turn, you may cast spells without paying their mana costs and you may play cards exiled with Azamir planeswalkers.
Cataclysmic Skytyrant

Cataclysmic Skytyrant {6}{R}{R}

Creature - Dragon
Flying, haste
When Cataclysmic Skytyrant enters the battlefield, sacrifice all other non-Dragon creatures you control. For each creature sacrificed this way, create a 3/3 red Dragon creature token with flying.
Celestial Army

Celestial Army {6}{W}{W}

Create three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens, two 2/2 white Knight creature tokens with vigilance, and a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying.
  • K15 Core Set
Colossal Achievement

Colossal Achievement {8}

Artifact Creature - Golem
Spells and abilities your opponents control can't cause you to sacrifice Colossal Achievement.
Success in the workshop spells success in the field.
Convergence Colossus

Convergence Colossus {8}

Artifact Creature - Golem
You may pay {W}{U}{B}{R}{G} rather than pay this spell's mana cost.
Flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, lifelink
Convergent Might

Convergent Might {5}{R}{R}{R}

For each nonland permanent you control, you may create a token that's a copy of it. If it's a creature, it gains haste. Exile all tokens created this way at the beginning of the next end step.
  • Zero

Corecharge {6}{U}{R}

This spell costs {1} less to cast for each artifact you control.
Draw three cards, then Corecharge deals damage to any target equal to the number of cards in your hand.
A simple tune. A steady beat. The music of machinery.
Crack in Time

Crack in Time {4}{U}{U}{U}{U}

Choose two —
• Create a 6/6 blue Kraken creature token.
• Take an extra turn after this one.
• End the turn.
Exile Crack in Time.
As they approached Yravlac's domain, time seemed to freeze in its wake.
  • MSEM Masters 2019
Crashing Mammoth

Crashing Mammoth {6}{G}{G}

Creature - Elephant
Trample, haste
All creatures able to block Crashing Mammoth do so.
“The All-Mother's emotions blossom as vibrant as an oasis. Sometimes her children sing in delight. Other times, they roar.”
—Hembwe, the All-Mother's Hand
Crested Crustacean

Crested Crustacean {6}{U}{U}

Creature - Crab Beast
This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Desert you control.
When Crested Crustacean enters the battlefield, return target permanent to its owner's hand.
  • Al Tabaq
Cuxuri Beckoner

Cuxuri Beckoner {6}{U}{B}

Creature - Horror
Pressure {3}{U}{B} (You may cast this spell for its pressure cost if there are seven or more cards in your graveyard.)
Slipstream (This creature can't be blocked as long as only creatures with slipstream are attacking.)
{U}{B}, Reveal Cuxuri Beckoner from your hand: Target player mills two cards.
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Darna's Atrocity

Darna's Atrocity {7}{B}

Creature - Zombie Warlock
When Darna's Atrocity enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you do, you draw two cards and mill two cards.
{B}, Exile a card from your graveyard: Darna's Atrocity gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
  • Riddles of Revio
Destiny Beyond Measure

Destiny Beyond Measure {6}{G}{G}

When Destiny Beyond Measure enters the battlefield, tap each creature you control.
Creatures you control get +8/+8 and have “This creature enters the battlefield tapped.”
“This world will end, but beyond it we shall tower above the very stars.”
— Vashi, Twin-Star Paragon
  • Beyond Our Ken