Chikyu Champion

Chikyu Champion {7}{G}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human
When Chikyu Champion enters the battlefield, choose up to one for each land you control. Create a creature token for each of the chosen characteristics.
• 3/3 red Elemental Mouse with haste.
• 3/3 white and blue Fox with vigilance.
• 4/4 green Plant Dinosaur with trample.
• 4/4 red Dragon with flying.
• 4/4 blue Turtle with hexproof.
• 5/5 white Bear Beast.
  • Artist: zx45
  • Designer: Philippe Saner
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 203
  • Released: 2021-01-01
  • Chikyu Champion is legal in every format.

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  • 2021-06-01 — Token creation is now limited by the number of lands you control (from creating all six).