Unwilling Pawn
Power of Redemption

Unwilling Pawn {1}{W}

Creature - Human Noble
Disgraced 1 (This enters with a -1/-1 counter. Whenever it deals combat damage to a player, remove all -1/-1 counters from it.)
Attain {3}{W} ({3}{W}: Transform this. Spend at least three colors of mana to activate this, and only as a sorcery.)
A change in who is giving orders...
Card has other part: Power of Redemption
  • Artist: Ari Ibarra
  • Designer: TEST
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 38a
  • Released: 2024-05-01
  • Unwilling Pawn is legal in every format.
  • The Empty Throne of Feanav (uncommon)

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