Rallios' Return

Rallios' Return {1}{U}{B}

Whenever a card is put into your graveyard from your library, you may put it on top of your library.
{U}{B}, Sacrifice Rallios' Return: Until end of turn, you may play target card from your graveyard. If that spell would be put into a graveyard, exile it instead.
Some evils refuse to stay dead.
  • Artist: CKGoksoy
  • Designer: Korakhos
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 219
  • Released: 2017-06-08
  • Rallios' Return is legal in every format.
  • 2018-09-03 Rallios' Return will trigger no matter which library the cards were originally in. Those cards can be put back on top of another library.
  • Aftermath (rare)

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