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Guardian of Mysteries

Guardian of Mysteries {3}

Enchantment Artifact
Whenever you cast a cryptic spell, Guardian of Mysteries becomes a 4/4 Sphinx creature in addition to its other types until end of turn. (Artifacts, enchantments, and modal spells are cryptic.)
{1}, {T}: Scry 2.
  • Riddles of Revio

Guidestone {2}

Artifact - Clue
Guidestone enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add {C}.
{2}, Sacrifice Guidestone: Draw a card.
Gulch Custodian

Gulch Custodian {4}

Artifact Creature - Golem
When Gulch Custodian enters the battlefield, return an artifact you control to its owner's hand.
Initially intended to maintain temples, it has been adopted by thieves to help cover their tracks.
  • Al Tabaq
H.S.S. Demeter

H.S.S. Demeter {5}

Legendary Artifact - Vehicle
Whenever H.S.S. Demeter becomes blocked by a creature, gain control of that creature.
Whenever H.S.S. Demeter deals combat damage to a player, draw two cards.
Crew 2 (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power 2 or greater: This Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)
Hail of Blades

Hail of Blades {3}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +3/+2.
Equip {4}
Hail of Blades's equip ability costs {4} less to activate if it targets an equipped creature.
“How lucky I am to see this cycle. To see violence honed into such beautiful things.”
— Makshi, Patron of Blades
  • Beyond Our Ken
Hall of Lost Histories

Hall of Lost Histories

Puzzlebox (Begin the game with this and another card you own from outside the game in the command zone, locked. That card is face down until you unlock this.)
{1}, Sacrifice two Clues: Unlock Hall of Lost Histories and put the revealed card into your hand.
  • The Unraveling
Hall of Random Access Memories

Hall of Random Access Memories

{T}: Add {C}.
{3}, {T}, Sacrifice Hall of Random Access Memories: Return target artifact, instant, or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand.
Hallowed Fragment

Hallowed Fragment {3}

{T}: Add {C}. You gain 1 life.
Fragments from the craterfields can be found embedded in the mountainsides, surrounded by a soft, warm aura.
  • Descent from the Highlands
Halls of Renown

Halls of Renown

{T}: Add {C}.
{T}: Add one mana of any color. Activate only if you have a counter.
Harlowe, Thespian Extraordinaire

Harlowe, Thespian Extraordinaire {3}

Legendary Creature - Human Actor
As Harlowe, Thespian Extraordinaire enters the battlefield, choose a color and creature type.
Harlowe, Thespian Extraordinaire is the chosen color.
Harlowe, Thespian Extraordinaire is the chosen type in addition to its other types.
“I never turn down a role.”
  • MSEM Masters: Legends
Harmony Array

Harmony Array {7}

{2}, {T}: Target opponent exiles a nonland, nontoken permanent they control.
{2}, {T}: Put target permanent card exiled with Harmony Array onto the battlefield under your control.
Harried Submersible

Harried Submersible {1}

Artifact - Vehicle
When Harried Submersible enters the battlefield, target opponent creates a 1/1 blue Tentacle creature token.
Whenever Harried Submersible deals combat damage to a player or planeswalker, draw a card.
Crew 2 (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power 2 or greater: This Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Harvest Reaper

Harvest Reaper {1}

Artifact Creature - Scarecrow
When a creature scavenges Harvest Reaper, search your library for a colorless card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle.
Scavenge {2} ({2}, Exile this card from your graveyard: Put a number of +1/+1 counters equal to this card's power on target creature. Scavenge only as a sorcery.)
  • Panxiou
Haunted Heirloom

Haunted Heirloom {2}

Artifact Creature - Spirit Knight
When Haunted Heirloom dies, create a Treasure token.
Treasure that guards itself.
  • Seasons of War
Hazy Lagoon

Hazy Lagoon

{T}, Sacrifice Hazy Lagoon: Search your library for a Plains or Island card and put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle.
  • Plagues of Fretport
Head of Ulko

Head of Ulko {8}

Legendary Artifact
At the beginning of your end step, exile target permanent.
When Head of Ulko leaves the battlefield, return each other card exiled with it to the battlefield under your control.
Healing Center

Healing Center

When Healing Center enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.
{T}: Add {C}.
“Each of these villages has a house or two set aside like our own hospitals, but run by families in place of medical teams.”
—Ema, the traveler
  • Monsters of Chikyu
Healing Potion

Healing Potion {2}

When Healing Potion enters the battlefield, scry 1, then draw a card.
{2}, {T}, Sacrifice Healing Potion: You gain 4 life.
“No one has as many friends as the man with many potions!”
—Alanir, potion vendor
  • Arkadai
Heart of Carü Mapu

Heart of Carü Mapu {4}

Legendary Artifact
Heart of Carü Mapu enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add X mana in any combination of colors, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control.
The greatest leader among the Relonche died to illness after failing to listen to the commands of the divine. But before his death, he found the heart of the land, and claimed whoever could lift it would succeed him.
Related card: Calfu, Greatest Toqui
  • Road to Carü Mapu
Heart of Zhedina

Heart of Zhedina

Legendary Land
{T}: Add {C}.
{3}, {T}: Choose a color. For each differently named land you control, add one mana of that color.
Heartless Army

Heartless Army {3}

Artifact Creature - Soldier Army
If one or more counters would be put on a creature you control, that many plus one of each of those kinds of counters are put on that permanent instead.
“My army knows no mercy, no hunger, and no equal.”
—Omid, the Undefeated
  • Alkabah
Hearty Karv

Hearty Karv {1}

Artifact - Ship Vehicle
Crew 1 (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power 1 or greater: This Ship Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)
The perfect balance between speed and structure is elusive, yet imperative.
  • Glacia: Hail to the Queen
Heaven, Presidential Ship

Heaven, Presidential Ship {7}

Legendary Artifact - Vehicle
If a source without flying would deal damage to you, prevent 2 of that damage.
Crew 5
Heavenly Temple

Heavenly Temple

{T}: Add {C}.
When Heavenly Temple enters the battlefield, target creature gains flying until end of turn.
{2}: Return Heavenly Temple from the battlefield to its owner's hand.
Heavy Moneybag

Heavy Moneybag {1}

{1}, {T}: Add one mana of any color.
{1}, {T}, Sacrifice Heavy Moneybag: Post a bounty on target creature or planeswalker. Activate only as a sorcery. (Put a bounty counter on that creature. It has “When this creature dies, each opponent draws a card” as long as it has a bounty counter on it.)