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Mr. Higgins

Mr. Higgins {1}{R}{G}

Legendary Creature - Horror
Whenever you tap a land for mana, add one mana of any type that land produced.
Whenever you cast a spell with mana value greater than the number of lands you control, sacrifice a land.
“It's always a bountiful harvest.”
—“The Thing in the Fields”
  • Video Horror System
Mr. Jackston, the Proprietor

Mr. Jackston, the Proprietor {2}{B}

Legendary Creature - Human Horror
Sacrifice a creature or discard a card: Exile the top card of target player's library. You may cast that card for as long as it remains exiled. Any player may activate this ability but only once each turn and only during their turn.
You and permanents you control have hexproof from spells that were exiled with Mr. Jackston or that share a name with a card exiled with Mr. Jackston.
  • Video Horror System
Night of the Unliving

Night of the Unliving {2}{B}{B}

At the beginning of your upkeep, if there are no noncreature cards in your graveyard, you may return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
“There's no more room in hell.”
—“Funeral for the Human Race”
Ominous Discovery

Ominous Discovery {1}{U}

Look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest into your graveyard.
Rerun (If you cast this from your hand, exile it as it resolves. Whenever a creature you control dies, you may cast this card from exile without paying its mana cost.)
Plagas Infestation

Plagas Infestation {1}{G}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature is a Horror with base power and toughness 3/3 and loses all other creature types and abilities.
Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a creature, create a token that's a copy of Plagas Infestation and attach it to the damaged creature.
  • Video Horror System


Basic Land - Plains
Planchette Poltergeist

Planchette Poltergeist {1}{W}{W}

Creature - Spirit
When Planchette Poltergeist enters the battlefield, you may exile target creature. Its owner may cast it from exile for as long as it remains exiled.
“Spelling out D-E-A-T-H may be a cliche, but it remains quite effective.”
—“The House on the Hill”
  • Video Horror System
Raging Reflection

Raging Reflection {2}{U}{R}

Creature - Reflection Shapeshifter
You may have Raging Reflection enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield, except it has “When this creature enters the battlefield, it fights another target creature that shares a name with it.”
“As they say, you are your own worst enemy.”
  • Video Horror System
Ravenous Attraction

Ravenous Attraction {1}{G}{U}

Creature - Octopus Horror
Ravenous Attraction enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it.
Whenever a creature you control dies, double the number of each kind of counter on Ravenous Attraction.
“Don't tap the glass. He's always hungry.”
—“Trip to the Zoo”
  • Video Horror System
Remain Unawares

Remain Unawares {5}{W}{W}

Choose a creature. Exile the rest.
“Ignorance is bliss, after all.”
—“Amy's Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Night”
  • Video Horror System
Rite of the Unnatural

Rite of the Unnatural {G}{G}

As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a noncreature permanent.
Search your library for a creature card with mana value equal to 1 plus the sacrificed permanent's mana value, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
  • Video Horror System
Roadside Reaper

Roadside Reaper {1}{R}{R}

Creature - Human Horror
First strike
Whenever a creature dealt damage by Roadside Reaper this turn dies, you may discard a card. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on Roadside Reaper and draw a card.
“No magic, no curses, no madness. Just pure, unadulterated depravity.”
—“The Reaper of Redgrove”
  • Video Horror System
Sea of Corpses

Sea of Corpses {6}{B}{R}

This spell costs {2} less to cast for each creature that died this turn.
Each player exiles all creature cards from their graveyard, then sacrifices each creature they control, then puts all creature cards they own exiled this way onto the battlefield. Exile Sea of Corpses.
  • Video Horror System
Shady Souvenirs

Shady Souvenirs {2}{R}

Discard your hand. Draw cards equal to the number of creatures that died this turn.
“Every new customer is more merchandise to sell.”
—“Everything Must Go”
  • Video Horror System
Sheltered Snowman

Sheltered Snowman {2}{U}{U}

Creature - Yeti
Spells your opponents cast that target Sheltered Snowman cost {2} more to cast.
Whenever you cast a spell from exile, put a +1/+1 counter on Sheltered Snowman. It can't be blocked this turn.
“C'mon Clancy, you worry too much. Not like a yeti actually exists.”
—“Supernatural Stories”
  • Video Horror System
Snowfield Doppelganger

Snowfield Doppelganger {2}{U}{U}

Creature - Shapeshifter
You may have Snowfield Doppelganger enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield, except it has “While a player is choosing targets as part of casting a spell, that player must choose at least one other creature that shares a name with this creature if able.”
“For all we know, this whole ‘monster' business is just a ploy by you!”
—“Outpost 13”
  • Video Horror System
Something in the Shadows

Something in the Shadows {4}{U}{U}

Look at the top five cards of your library. You may reveal a nonland card from among them. If you do, put that card into your hand and cast a copy of it without paying its mana cost. Put the rest into your graveyard.
  • Video Horror System
Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil {1}{G}

Choose one or more —
• Counter target activated ability or triggered ability.
• Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.
“Tongues are made to tell lies.”
—“The Dollmaker of East Street”
  • Video Horror System
  • MSEM Secret Lair Drops 990 1002
Spiraling Madness

Spiraling Madness {3}{B}{B}

At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player discards a card. If that player has no cards in hand, instead they sacrifice a permanent. If they control no permanents, instead they lose the game.
  • Video Horror System
Starving Stalker

Starving Stalker {B}{G}

Creature - Horror
Discard a creature card or sacrifice a creature or exile a creature card from your graveyard: Put a +1/+1 counter on Starving Stalker. Activate only once each turn.
“Not a piece goes to waste.”
—“Amy's Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Night”
  • Video Horror System
Subway Shambler

Subway Shambler {1}{G}{G}

Creature - Human Horror
Subway Shambler can't be blocked by creatures with lesser power.
At the beginning of each end step, if you're horrific, put a +1/+1 counter on Subway Shambler. (You're horrific as long as you've sacrificed a permanent or discarded a card this turn.)
  • Video Horror System
Sunken Homestead

Sunken Homestead

Sunken Homestead enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add {B}.
{2}{B}: Until end of turn, Sunken Homestead becomes a 2/2 Zombie creature with “When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield.” Activate only if you're horrific.
  • Video Horror System


Basic Land - Swamp
Swarm of the Damned

Swarm of the Damned {2}{W}{W}

At the beginning of each end step, create X 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with flying, where X is the number of nontoken creatures that died this turn.
“The dead still wander these halls, chained to the house through its malevolent will.”
—“The House on the Hill”
  • Video Horror System
The Collection

The Collection {5}

Legendary Artifact
Instant and sorcery spells you control have rerun. (Exile the spell as it resolves if you cast it from your hand. Whenever a creature you control dies, you may cast that card from exile without paying its mana cost.)
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