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Autumn Fae

Autumn Fae {1}{R}

Creature - Faerie
Flying, double strike
Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)
Emissary of Antiquity

Emissary of Antiquity {R}{R}{R}

Creature - Dragon
Flying, haste
Whenever Emissary of Antiquity deals combat damage to a player, you may cast an instant or sorcery spell with mana value 3 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.
Fulmen, Aether Prodigy

Fulmen, Aether Prodigy {1}{U}{R}

Legendary Planeswalker - Fulmen
[+1]: Draw a card, then discard a card.
[–2]: Fulmen, Aether Prodigy deals 2 damage divided as you choose among one or two targets. Draw a card.
[–6]: Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.
Infectious Ego

Infectious Ego {2}{B}{B}

Creature - Spirit Shaman
Whenever Infectious Ego enters the battlefield or attacks, exile the top card of target opponent's library. If it's a land card, that player gets a poison counter. You may play that card for as long as it remains exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to cast that spell.
Kinken, the Dragon's Breath

Kinken, the Dragon's Breath {1}{R}

Legendary Enchantment
When Kinken, the Dragon's Breath enters the battlefield, draw a card, then choose a creature card name.
Whenever a creature you control with the chosen name attacks, you may pay {1}. If you do, create a token that's a copy of it and that's tapped and attacking, except it isn't legendary. Exile the token at the beginning of the end step.
Oriq Soulweaver

Oriq Soulweaver {B}{B}{B}

Creature - Human Warlock
Whenever you cast a black spell, choose up to X, where X is the number of black mana symbols in that spell's mana cost —
• Target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
• Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.
• You draw a card and you lose 3 life.
• Exile target card in a graveyard.
Provoke the Gods

Provoke the Gods {1}{R}{W}{B}

As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay any amount of life.
Search your library for a card. If you have 10 or less life, search your library for two cards instead. Put those cards into your hand, then shuffle.
Tranquil Repose

Tranquil Repose {2}{G}

Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.
Draw a card.
Twisted Masterwork

Twisted Masterwork {X}{G}{G}

Search your library and/or graveyard for a creature card with mana value X or less and put it onto the battlefield with an additional -1/-1 counter on it. If you search your library this way, shuffle.

Voidflare {R}

Voidflare deals 2 damage to any target.
Wanderlust — Voidflare deals 3 damage instead if you control four or more differently named lands.