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Azun, Sheriff of Daisite

Azun, Sheriff of Daisite {1}{R}{W}

Legendary Planeswalker - Azun
[+1]: Tap up to one target creature. Azun, Sheriff of Daisite deals 1 damage to each opponent.
[–1]: Exile another target nonland permanent until Azun, Sheriff of Daisite leaves the battlefield.
[–7]: Detain each permanent target opponent controls.
Emperor Tzhai

Emperor Tzhai {B}{R}{G}{W}

Legendary Planeswalker - Tzhai
[+1]: Emperor Tzhai deals 1 damage to each creature, planeswalker, and opponent you don't control.
[0]: Target creature can't attack you or Emperor Tzhai until Emperor Tzhai leaves the battlefield.
[–10]: You control target player.
Lucien, the Grifter

Lucien, the Grifter {2}{B}{R}

Legendary Planeswalker - Lucien
[+1]: Reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its mana value.
[+1]: Until end of turn, Lucien, the Grifter becomes a legendary 3/3 black and red Human Warrior creature with deathtouch, lifelink, and indestructible.
[–3]: Exile target artifact or creature. You gain life equal to its mana value.
Lumbering Egil

Lumbering Egil {1}{U}{B}

Legendary Planeswalker - Okus
[+1]: Move a counter from up to one target permanent onto another permanent that shares a type with it.
[–1]: Target creature gets -1/-3 until end of turn.
[–5]: Search target opponent's library for a creature or planeswalker card and put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Then that player shuffles.
Mei Liva, the Forsaken

Mei Liva, the Forsaken {3}{U}{B}

Legendary Planeswalker - Mei
[+2]: Each opponent loses 2 life. Scry 2.
[–3]: Return target creature to its owner's hand. That player discards a card.
[–6]: You get an emblem with “Whenever a player discards a card, you may cast it without paying its mana cost.”
Reyhsia, Truth Chaser

Reyhsia, Truth Chaser {1}{R}{R}

Legendary Planeswalker - Reyhsia
Whenever you activate a loyalty ability of Reyhsia, Truth Chaser, you may exile a card from your hand. If you do, draw a card.
[+2]: Each player exiles up to two cards from their hand, then draws that many cards.
[0]: Until end of turn, you may play a card exiled with Reyhsia and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to cast that spell.
[–10]: Each player exiles all but the bottom card of their library and may play cards they own exiled this way until the end of their next turn.
Trainee Karina Oblay

Trainee Karina Oblay {1}{U}{R}

Legendary Planeswalker - Karina
At the beginning of your end step, choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind it already has.
[+1]: Scry 1. Add {U} or {R}.
[–X]: Exile the top X cards of your library. Until end of turn, you may play a card exiled with Trainee Karina Oblay.