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Champion of the Red Dawn

Champion of the Red Dawn {R}{W}

Creature - Human Soldier
Instant and sorcery spells you control have lifelink.
{2}{R}{W}: Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Persevere {1}{W}

Return target creature card with mana value 3 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. Put a +1/+1 counter on it. It gains indestructible until end of turn.
Seismic Colossus

Seismic Colossus {8}

Artifact Creature - Golem
Concord — This spell costs {4} less to cast if there are four or more card types among permanents you control.
Vigilance, trample, lifelink, haste
Sofia, Fortune's Fated

Sofia, Fortune's Fated {B}{R}

Legendary Creature - Human Pirate
Foretell {B}{R} (During your turn, you may pay {2} and exile this card from your hand face down. Cast it on a later turn for its foretell cost.)
Whenever Sofia deals combat damage to an opponent, exile the top card of that player's library face down and look at it. You may play that card for as long as it remains exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast that spell. Then foretell Sofia. It costs {0} to foretell this way.

Strongarm {R}

Target creature gets +2/+1 and gains trample until end of turn. Create a tapped Treasure token. (It's an artifact with “{T}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.”)
Tyrant of Tributes

Tyrant of Tributes {6}{R}{G}

Creature - Dragon
When Tyrant of Tributes enters the battlefield, target opponent sacrifices X permanents, where X is half the number of permanents they control, rounded up. You gain X life.
Undead Banneret

Undead Banneret {3}{B}

Creature - Zombie Warrior
When Undead Banneret enters the battlefield, if you control a legendary creature, each opponent loses 4 life.