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Dayang's Artistry

Dayang's Artistry {U}{R}{W}

Whenever you draw a card, choose one —
• Dayang's Artistry deals 1 damage to any target.
• You gain 1 life.
• Scry 1.
  • Arcanum Academia
Dayang's Displeasure

Dayang's Displeasure {W}{U}{B}

Choose two or four —
• Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand.
• Each player sacrifices a creature.
• Each player sacrifices a noncreature, nonland permanent.
• Conjure a card named Fatigue and put it on top of your library. (It's a colorless sorcery that costs {2} with “Draw a card.”)
Related card: Fatigue
  • Arcanum Academia
Defect 37

Defect 37 {R}{G}{W}{U}

Legendary Planeswalker -
As long as it's your turn, Defect 37 is a 7/7 Vehicle artifact with crew 2.
[+1]: Creatures and Vehicles you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.
[–1]: Put target permanent into its owner's library, third from the top. If Defect 37 is on the battlefield, return her to her owner's hand.
[–6]: Until end of turn, each noncreature, nonland permanent you control becomes a creature in addition to its other types with base power and toughness each equal to their mana value or base power, whichever is greater.
  • Sparks of a Multiverse
Dekatian Philosopher

Dekatian Philosopher {W}{U}

Creature - Human Advisor
Whenever you scry, tap target creature an opponent controls.
{2}{W}{U}: Scry 1. You gain 1 life.
“You wish to understand Tetragoras's Theorems? They're quite simple. Let us discuss.”
  • Theros Triumphant
Desert's Veil

Desert's Veil {W}{U}

Target permanent you control gains protection from your opponents until end of turn.
Draw a card.
Mirages contain many surprises.
  • Alkabah
Desraen, Serpent's Will

Desraen, Serpent's Will {2}{W}{U}

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
Rapport — Whenever Desraen, Serpent's Will and at least one other creature you control become tapped, you may cast target instant or sorcery card with mana value 3 or less from your graveyard without paying its mana cost. If that spell would be put into your graveyard, exile it instead.
  • Harvest Festival
Destabilizing the Rifts

Destabilizing the Rifts {W}{U}

Whenever you create one or more tokens, put a rift counter on Destabilizing the Rifts.
As long as Destabilizing the Rifts has seven or more rift counters on it, creature tokens you control can't leave the battlefield.
Destroyed Monument

Destroyed Monument {W}{U}

{2}, {T}: Exile target creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step. Activate only as a sorcery.
“Oh, isn't it so sad to think about the good times, for you and I?”
—Sesilius of Wicked Ways
Destroyed Study

Destroyed Study {W}{U}{B}

Enchantment - Study
Archive 4 (As this enters the battlefield, shuffle the top four cards of your main library into a new face up library. Sacrifice this after the archived library is empty.)
At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player may pay 2 life. If they do, you gain 2 life. Otherwise, you draw a card from the archived library.
  • Sparks of a Multiverse
Director's Perks

Director's Perks {W}{U}

Other enchantments you control have hexproof.
At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life and exile up to one target card from a graveyard
  • The Stage Presents: The Neverending Act
Doctor Gareth Barton
Miss Margaret Barton

Doctor Gareth Barton

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
(Color indicator: Doctor Gareth Barton is white and blue)
Spells your opponents cast cost {1} more to cast.
Spells you cast cost {1} less to cast.
For once in her grim undertaking, Lettie felt joy, seeing the fine gentleman her old friend had become.
Card has other part: Miss Margaret Barton
Douglass, Star of the Show

Douglass, Star of the Show {G}{W}{U}

Legendary Creature - Construct Scout
Double strike, trample
Enchantment spells you cast cost {1} less to cast.
Whenever you put a lore counter on a Saga you control, Douglass, Star of the Show gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
  • The Stage Presents: The Neverending Act
Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True {2}{W}{U}

Scry 1, then draw two cards. You gain 3 life. Exile up to four cards from graveyards.
A month ago she feared she would spend the rest of her life in the cold, dark city. Now the wonders of Entela gave her anything her heart desired.
Dulled Ghost

Dulled Ghost {2}{W}{U}{B}

Creature - Spirit Horror
Dulled Ghost can't be blocked by creatures which have power less than their toughness.
At the beginning of your end step, exile up to one target nonland permanent you control, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control. If that permanent was tapped, each opponent discards a card.
  • The Stage Presents: The Neverending Act
Duneglass Ascetic

Duneglass Ascetic {1}{W}{U}

Artifact Creature - Human Artificer
At the beginning of your upkeep, choose one —
• Create a colorless artifact token named Etherium Cell with “{T}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.”
• Put a +1/+1 counter on another target artifact. It becomes a 0/0 Construct artifact creature if it isn't a creature.
  • Alara
Dunesea Cartographer

Dunesea Cartographer {1}{W}{U}

Creature - Human Knight Scout
Whenever you scry, put a +1/+1 counter on Dunesea Cartographer for each card you looked at while scrying this way.
{3}{W}{U}: Scry 2.
“The evershifting dunes always leaves me with work to accomplish.”
  • Alkabah

Duplicate {U}{R}{W}

Copy target spell. You may choose new targets for the copy. (A copy of a permanent spell becomes a token.)
  • Monsters of Chikyu
Edina, Coralight Soothsayer

Edina, Coralight Soothsayer {W}{U}

Legendary Creature - Merfolk Wizard
Whenever you cast an artifact or enchantment spell, scry 1, then create a 1/1 white Merfolk creature token.
Whenever you cast a Merfolk spell, look at the top card of your library. If it's an artifact or enchantment card, you may reveal it and put it into your hand.
“The Above is our safe haven. I will guide the way.”
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Efinag, Weaver of Flesh

Efinag, Weaver of Flesh {3}{W}{U}{B}

Legendary Creature - Horror
Ward—Pay 3 life and discard a card.
Once each turn, when another creature leaves the battlefield, you may have target creature become a copy of that creature until end of turn.
“That form . . . will be better suited . . . to a different mind . . . yes, yes, yes . . .”
  • Over the Horizon
Elusive Devout

Elusive Devout {W/B}{U}

Creature - Illusion Cleric
When Elusive Devout enters the battlefield, choose one —
• Put a +1/+1 counter on Elusive Devout.
• Create a colorless artifact token named Lotus Petal with “{T}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.”
  • Beyond Our Ken
Ema, the Traveler

Ema, the Traveler {U}{R}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human
When Ema, the Traveler enters the battlefield, reveal the top five cards of your library. Put any number of legendary cards revealed this way into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
{2}{B}: Another target legendary permanent gains indestructible until end of turn.
Empyrial Reverence

Empyrial Reverence {G}{W}{U}

Permanents your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.
Whenever a permanent enters the battlefield tapped and under your control, untap it.
Cycling {2} ({2}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
  • Alara
End of All Things

End of All Things {G}{W}{U}

Instant - Revelation
Exile up to one target activated ability, triggered ability, or nonland permanent.
Coalesce {5}{G}{W}{U}
End of All Things enters the battlefield tapped.
There will be no more days like this.
Entelan Contact

Entelan Contact {U}{R}{W}

Creature - Human Advisor
Whenever you make first contact, exile the top card of your library. You gain life equal to its mana value. You may play that card until the end of your next turn. (You make first contact the first time each turn you cast a spell with a name not in your graveyard or control already.)
  • Karina's Explorations
Ephara, Patron of Enlightenment

Ephara, Patron of Enlightenment {2}{W}{U}

Legendary Enchantment Creature - God
As long as your devotion to white and blue is less than seven, Ephara isn't a creature.
You may cast creature and enchantment spells as though they had flash.
Whenever another creature or enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.
  • Theros Triumphant