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Scribe of the Buried Glade

Scribe of the Buried Glade {2}{G}{U}

Creature - Human Druid
Ward {2}
Once each turn, if you would create one or more tokens, create that many of those tokens plus one instead.
“There is so much that can be learned from these living stones.”
  • Over the Horizon
Script Spirit

Script Spirit {1}{W}{B}

Creature - Spirit
Whenever you cast a creature spell, if Script Spirit is in your graveyard, you may have it become a copy of that spell until end of turn.
  • Over the Horizon
Scriptures of Urshad

Scriptures of Urshad {2}{W}

Enchantment - Saga
I — Create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens.
II — Put a vigilance counter on target creature you control. It becomes a legendary God in addition to its other types.
III — Exile target creature an opponent controls that's a God or that has power 4 or greater.
Seasoned Farmer

Seasoned Farmer {1}{G}

Creature - Human Peasant
{3}{G}: Seasoned Farmer gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
“I don't want no war any more than those elves or dwarves do. Tell Lord Yaran I just want to be left to tend my farm in peace.”
  • Quest for the Roseblade
Secluded Courtyard

Secluded Courtyard

As Secluded Courtyard enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
{T}: Add {C}.
{T}: Add one mana of any color. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type or activate an ability of a creature source of the chosen type.
  • Quest for the Roseblade
Secrets of Coralight Court

Secrets of Coralight Court {U}

This spell can't be countered.
Draw a card.
Reprise {2}{U} (As you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you may exile one card with reprise from your graveyard and pay its reprise cost. If you do, add its effects to that spell.)
Secrets of Creation

Secrets of Creation {3}{U}

Scry 2, then draw two cards. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)
“The desert sands hold whispers of ancient cycles and a maker's flame.”
— Dehmi, Origin Seeker
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Seek Far and Wide

Seek Far and Wide {2}{W}

Enchantment - Quest
(Add a quest counter as this enters. Sacrifice after 3.)
Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, add a quest counter.
1, 2 — Create a 1/1 Scout creature token that's all colors.
3 — Creatures you control get +2/+1 until end of turn.
  • Over the Horizon
Seeker Amalgam

Seeker Amalgam {2}{U}

Creature - Human Elemental Wizard
When Seeker Amalgam enters the battlefield, you may counter target spell with mana value less than or equal to the number of Elementals you control.
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Seeker of Conto Sika

Seeker of Conto Sika {2}{G}

Creature - Human Scout
Glorious end — When Seeker of Conto Sika dies, if it was tapped, draw a card.
“Day forty-four: the notes I've uncovered will lead me to the archives. Water is running low, but I can't give up now. The glory of lifetimes is so, so close.”
  • Over the Horizon
Seep Forth from the Beyond

Seep Forth from the Beyond {5}{B}

Mill five cards, then you may exile any number of cards from your graveyard. Create an X/X black Horror creature token with menace, where X is the number of cards exiled in this way. (To mill five cards, put five cards from the top of your library into your graveyard.)
  • Over the Horizon
Selezzar, Tyrant of Endak

Selezzar, Tyrant of Endak {3}{B}{B}

Legendary Creature - Snake Noble
At the beginning of your end step, for each opponent, destroy up to one target creature that player controls with power less than or equal to the amount of life that player lost this turn.
{3}{R}: Selezzar, Tyrant of Endak deals 2 damage to each opponent.
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Serene Chapel

Serene Chapel

Serene Chapel enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a basic Plains.
{T}: Add {W}.
{1}{W}{W}: Until end of turn, Serene Chapel becomes a 2/1 white Spirit Cleric creature with flying and “Whenever this creature attacks, you may exile target card from a graveyard.” It's still a land.
  • Quest for the Roseblade
Serpent Staff

Serpent Staff {1}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has deathtouch.
{1}: Serpent Staff becomes a 1/1 green Snake creature with deathtouch and loses all other abilities until end of turn.
Equip {3}
Serve the Empire

Serve the Empire {W}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature can't attack.
Civilized — Enchanted creature can't block and its activated abilities can't be activated if you control an artifact, a creature, and an enchantment.
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Sewer Dweller

Sewer Dweller {2}{B}

Creature - Human Peasant Rogue
When Sewer Dweller enters the battlefield or dies, create a 1/1 black Rat creature token with “This creature can't block.”
“There's plenty more where these came from, I assure you!”
  • Quest for the Roseblade
Shala Na, Urshadi Apostate

Shala Na, Urshadi Apostate {2}{R}{R}

Legendary Planeswalker - Shala
[+1]: Up to two target creatures you control each get +1/+0 and gain first strike until end of turn.
[0]: You may sacrifice a creature. If you do, Shala Na, Urshadi Apostate deals 3 damage to any target.
[–3]: Discard your hand, then draw three cards.
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Shaman of Burning Ashes

Shaman of Burning Ashes {4}{B}{R}

Creature - Orc Shaman
When Shaman of Burning Ashes enters the battlefield, return target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand. When you do, each opponent loses X life, where X is that card's mana value.
  • Over the Horizon

Shatter {1}{R}

Destroy target artifact.
“My father wants to crush the humans and everything they have built. I fear that such an act will do nothing but start the cycle of war anew.”
—Princess Helgard
Shawl of Warding

Shawl of Warding {2}{U}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+1.
Whenever equipped creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, you may return Shawl of Warding to its owner's hand. If you do, counter that spell or ability.
Equip {2}
  • Quest for the Roseblade
Shellback Storyteller

Shellback Storyteller {W}

Creature - Turtle Shaman
Concord — {T}: Tap target nonland permanent. Activate only if there are four or more card types among permanents you control.
“Let me tell you the story of the shellbacks and the spineclaws, and how the great Coconut War brought us together . . .”
  • Over the Horizon
Shemesh, Nomad Chieftain

Shemesh, Nomad Chieftain {1}{R}{G}

Legendary Creature - Human Nomad
Assault {2}{R}{G} (Whenever this attacks, if it has no +1/+1 counters on it, you may pay its assault cost to put a +1/+1 counter on it.)
When Shemesh assaults, other creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn.
Shemesh and his giant hila Musha lead the nomads under the Divine Lovers.
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Shepherd of the People

Shepherd of the People {G}

Creature - Human Peasant
Shepherd of the People can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
Whenever another Citizen or Peasant enters the battlefield under your control, Shepherd of the People gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
  • Quest for the Roseblade
Shepherd's Companion

Shepherd's Companion {2}{W}

Creature - Dog
Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you may tap target creature.
“I hope he enjoys the work, but really I suspect he's just in it for the bones.”
—Gemeti, Azutahn farmer
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Shinrei's Ruse

Shinrei's Ruse {1}{U}{U}

Kicker—Return a creature you control to its owner's hand. (You may return a creature you control to its owner's hand in addition to any other costs as you cast this spell.)
Counter target spell. If Shinrei's Ruse was kicked, draw a card.
  • Over the Horizon