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Volcanic Catastrophe

Volcanic Catastrophe {2}{R}

Volcanic Catastrophe deals 3 damage to any target. If a permanent dealt damage this way would die this turn, instead exile it and its controller's graveyard.
“We're in luck. Elmare itself rejects the presence of the Others.”
—Luro, Captain of the Guard
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Volcanic Hollow

Volcanic Hollow

You may play Volcanic Hollow from your graveyard as long as seven or more cards are in your graveyard.
Volcanic Hollow enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add {U} or {R}.
Cycling {1}{U}{R} ({1}{U}{R}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Vulture Valleys

Vulture Valleys {1}{B}{G}

Overcast — Whenever you cast a spell, create a 1/1 black Bird creature token with flying and menace if {C} was spent to cast it.
Whenever three or more creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • New Horizons
Vyzer, the Fallen Despot

Vyzer, the Fallen Despot {3}{B}{R}

Legendary Artifact Creature - Construct
{T}: Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains haste. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step or if it would leave the battlefield. That creature salvages a card. (Exile one from your graveyard until that creature leaves the battlefield. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, put a card it salvaged into your hand.)
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Wave Racer

Wave Racer {U}{U}

Creature - Merfolk Wizard
Each other creature you control that's a Merfolk or an Elemental gets +1/+1.
Whenever you cast an instant, sorcery, or Merfolk spell, you may pay {1}. If you do, create a 1/0 blue Elemental creature token.
“There's plenty of fish in the sea!”
  • New Horizons
Wave Spinner

Wave Spinner {2}{U}{U}

Creature - Merfolk Wizard
Slipstream (This creature can't be blocked as long as only creatures with slipstream are attacking.)
{3}{U}: Target creature gains slipstream until end of turn.
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Way of the Danithra

Way of the Danithra {G}

Pressure {3}{G} (You may cast this spell for its pressure cost if seven or more cards are in your graveyard.)
Put two +1/+1 counters on target creature you control if Way of the Danithra was cast for its pressure cost. Then it fights up to one target creature you don't control.
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Wayfaring Mentor

Wayfaring Mentor {4}{W}

Creature - Rhino Monk
At the beginning of your end step, if you cast no spells this turn, untap target creature.
“Good technique is mostly just waiting for the right moment.”
Card has other part: Timely Strike
  • Adventurers of Onora
Weedy Whackers

Weedy Whackers {2}

Artifact Creature - Plant Construct
Menace (This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)
Whenever Weedy Whackers attacks, create a 1/1 green Insect creature token that's tapped and attacking.
  • Adventurers of Onora
Weight of Oceans

Weight of Oceans {U}{U}

Counter target spell if you have more cards in your graveyard than that spell's controller.
Rock bottom is a myth.
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Whiskered Buccaneer

Whiskered Buccaneer {3}{B}{B}

Creature - Mouse Pirate
Whenever two or more creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, you lose 1 life and draw a card.
Card has other part: All Hands
  • Adventurers of Onora
Whisper of the Wild

Whisper of the Wild {2}{G}

Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
{1}{G}, Tap an untapped Shaman you control, Exile Whisper of the Wild from your graveyard: Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Adventurers of Onora
Wildrune Thicket

Wildrune Thicket

Wildrune Thicket enters the battlefield tapped unless you have two or more opponents.
{T}: Add {R} or {G}.
  • The Land Bundle

Wilt {1}{G}

Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
Cycling {2} ({2}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
“Even the Great Current is sometimes a riptide.”
—Anemothrys, Reefcrown
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Wimbledon's Herald

Wimbledon's Herald {2}{G}

Creature - Badger Soldier
“For the honor of mine noble house Wimbledon, I do humbly claim this heretofore quiet beach- henceforth it shall run by the following commandments...”
Card has other part: Stake a Claim
  • Adventurers of Onora
Wimbledon's Squire

Wimbledon's Squire {1}{R}

Creature - Hamster Knight
Whenever you cast a Knight spell or an Adventure spell, Wimbledon's Squire gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
“But, sire— To venture into Bleakrealm is madness! You can't be seri— Yes, sire, I will pack plenty of tartberries.”
  • Adventurers of Onora
Wimbledon's Summons

Wimbledon's Summons {1}{W}

Create a 1/1 green and white Mouse Soldier creature token with vigilance and a 1/1 white and black Badger Cleric creature token with lifelink.
Sir Roger Wimbledon keeps legions of attendants on demand in case he ever needs to make a stylish entrance on short notice.
  • Adventurers of Onora
Withered Kenku

Withered Kenku {5}{B}

Creature - Bird Cleric
This spell costs {1} less to cast if you have more life than an opponent and {1} less to cast if you control a Cleric.
Venture not into Gloomhollow,
Lest beneath the ground you wallow.
  • Adventurers of Onora
Wrathful Meditant

Wrathful Meditant {1}{W}

Creature - Fox Monk
At the beginning of your end step, if you cast no spells this turn, you may return Wrathful Meditant to its owner's hand.
Card has other part: Inner Strength
  • Adventurers of Onora
X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot {1}{B}{R}

Enchantment - Quest
(Add a quest counter as this enters. Sacrifice after 3.)
Whenever two or more creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, add a quest counter.
1, 2 — Create a 2/1 black and red Cat Pirate creature token with menace.
3 — Create a colorless artifact token named Motherlode with “{T}: Add two mana of any one color” and “{3}, {T}, Discard your hand: Draw two cards.”
  • Adventurers of Onora
Youthful Tortoise

Youthful Tortoise {1}{G}

Enchantment Creature - Turtle
Whenever you draw your second card each turn, put a +1/+1 counter on Youthful Tortoise.
Cycling {2} ({2}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
“I see an eon's worth of wisdom in those young eyes. Go forth— be with the Current, little one.”
—Anemothrys, Reefcrown
  • Elmare: Into the Abyss
Zaukar of the Ancient Ways

Zaukar of the Ancient Ways {W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Cat Cleric
Spells your opponents cast cost an additional {1} to cast for each spell they've cast before it this turn.
  • Adventurers of Onora