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Wandering Megaflora

Wandering Megaflora {4}{G}

Creature - Treefolk
Wandering Megaflora has hexproof as long as it's untapped.
Whenever Wandering Megaflora attacks, untap another target creature you control.
“These creatures are friendly, and possess compassion outstripping their primitive ancestry.”
—Dr. Yulius
  • Love Song
Wandering Precursor

Wandering Precursor {2}{R}

Creature - Elemental Scout
Whenever you cast a spell, Wandering Precursor gets +1/+0 until end of turn for each color of mana spent to cast that spell.
After eons, they were assumed mute, a voice so silent for so long.
  • Love Song
Wandering Warden

Wandering Warden {1}{G}{G}

Creature - Rhino Nomad
Assault {G} (Whenever this attacks, if it has no +1/+1 counters on it, you may pay its assault cost to put a +1/+1 counter on it.)
Whenever a creature you control assaults, it gains indestructible until end of turn.
  • Scriptures of Urshad
Waning Behemoth

Waning Behemoth {1}{G}{G}

Creature - Elemental Giant
Vanishing 1 (This creature enters the battlefield with a time counter on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter from it. When the last is removed, sacrifice it.)
When Waning Behemoth enters the battlefield, you may pay {X}. If you do, put X time counters on it.
  • Aftermath
Wanton Cleave

Wanton Cleave {2}{R}

Target attacking creature gains double strike until end of turn. Arm it. (Create a colorless Equipment artifact token with “Equipped creature gets +1/+0” and equip {2}, then attach it to that creature.)
  • Glacia: Hail to the Queen
War Council
Refuse to Submit

War Council {2}{R}{R}

Legacy (You may play this side of this card only from your graveyard. Exile it if it would leave the battlefield or not resolve.)
Whenever you attack, you may discard up to X cards, where X is the number of attacking creatures you control. Draw a card for each card discarded this way.
...that time was saved to decide who should lead.
Card has other part: Refuse to Submit
  • Road to Carü Mapu
War Golem Forge

War Golem Forge

{T}: Add {C}.
{5}, {T}, Sacrifice War Golem Forge: Create a 3/3 colorless Golem artifact creature token.
“No Omenspeaker can predict the fate of those who cannot choose their future.”
—Kellythross, Insurgent Leader
War Priest of Bahet

War Priest of Bahet {1}{G}{G}

Creature - Elf Cleric
Whenever War Priest of Bahet deals combat damage to a player, purge. (Exile two cards that share a type from graveyards. If you do, draw a card.)
“I mourn not the dead. I rejoice, for they have ceased to burden the world.”
  • Mious
War Rages On

War Rages On {1}{R}

Sorcery - Tale
Creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn. (Cast a copy of this spell once while this creature is on the battlefield.)
Card has other part: Fierce Combatant
  • Kahembo: Olde Dawn
War's Sorrow

War's Sorrow {1}{R}

Enchantment - Saga
(As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after III.)
I, II — War's Sorrow deals 1 damage to any target.
III — Each player sacrifices another permanent. Put War's Sorrow on top of its owner's library unless a player has it deal 3 damage to them.
  • Villains: The Musical
War-Pride Champion

War-Pride Champion {2}{G}

Creature - Cat Warrior
War-Pride Champion can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
Stampede — Whenever War-Pride Champion and a creature with greater power attack, target creature you control gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
War-Torn Tundra

War-Torn Tundra

{T}: Add {C}.
{1}, {T}, Sacrifice War-Torn Tundra: Arm target creature you control. Activate only as a sorcery. (Create a colorless Equipment artifact token with “Equipped creature gets +1/+0” and equip {2}, then attach it to that creature.)
  • Glacia: Hail to the Queen
Warband Commander

Warband Commander {2}{R}

Creature - Cat Berserker
Glorious end — When Warband Commander dies, if it was tapped, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control that attacked this turn.
Warband Lieutenant

Warband Lieutenant {R}

Creature - Cat Berserker
Glorious end — When Warband Lieutenant dies, if it was tapped, put a +1/+1 counter on another target creature you control.
“The angels are living tempests—the fury of an ash-storm tempered with the finality of obsidian. What more worthy foe could there be?”
  • Descent from the Highlands
Warbattered Helm

Warbattered Helm {1}

Artifact - Equipment
Prevent all noncombat damage that would be dealt to equipped creature.
Equipped creature has hexproof as long as it's your turn.
Equip {1}
“The only just forum is the battlefield.”
—Sir Éloi
  • Sparks of a Multiverse
Warchief of the Goriana

Warchief of the Goriana {6}{G}

Creature - Ox Warrior
Motivate 3 (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may motivate target creature with lesser power than this by putting three +1/+1 counters on it.)
At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may have target creature you control gain vigilance until end of turn.
  • Over the Horizon
Wardbane Mystic

Wardbane Mystic {2}{G}{G}

Creature - Elf Druid
Whenever you cast an Elf spell, create a 1/1 green Elf Druid creature token.
Tap four untapped Druids you control: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
Warded Tome

Warded Tome {2}

Warded Tome doesn't untap during your untap step.
{T}: Draw a card.
{5}: Untap Warded Tome.
Warden of the Fronds

Warden of the Fronds {2}{G}

Creature - Elemental Spirit
Warden of the Fronds' power and toughness are each equal to the number of Forests you control.
Warden of the Fronds has indestructible as long as you control five or more lands.
  • K15 Core Set
Warfan of Changing Winds

Warfan of Changing Winds {2}

When Warfan of Changing Winds enters the battlefield, draw a card.
Whenever a card you own is exiled from anywhere, you may put it on the bottom of your library.
  • Tales of Old Jidai
Warfield Excavator

Warfield Excavator {1}{G}

Creature - Human Warrior
Whenever Warfield Excavator attacks, you may exile target card from a graveyard.
Warfield Excavator gets +1/+1 for each card type among cards exiled with it.
  • Glacia: Hail to the Queen
Warfury Dragon

Warfury Dragon {3}{R}{R}

Creature - Dragon
Flying, haste
Whenever Warfury Dragon becomes enchanted or equipped, monstrosity 2. (If this creature isn't monstrous, put two +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)
  • Glacia: Hail to the Queen
Warlord of Wun Su

Warlord of Wun Su {4}{R}

Creature - Monkey Warrior
Warlord of Wun Su can't block alone.
“I've granted you my staff, young liege. Demonstrate your power.”
—Wun Su
  • Nangjiao In Bloom
Warlord's Mantle

Warlord's Mantle {2}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has haste and trample.
Whenever another creature you control dies, sacrifice equipped creature.
Equip {1}
“Only the lonely are fit to bear such a burden.”
—Lord Pyrus
  • Villains: The Musical
Warm One's Bones

Warm One's Bones {2}{R}

Each instant and sorcery card in your graveyard gains agonize until end of turn.
Agonize (You may cast this card from your graveyard by putting a -1/-1 counter on a creature you control in addition to paying its other costs. Then exile this card.)
There is little use in worrying.
  • Feanav: The Apothecary's Progress